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Welcome to the Cadet Force Adult Volunteer website. On this site you will find essential information about what it means to become a volunteer with the Sea, Army or Air Cadets, plus details of how you can apply to join.

Fill out the form to receive an information pack via email. This will give you more details about the Cadet Forces, what it means to be an Adult Volunteer, and guide you through the application and training process, if you decide it’s for you.

Scroll down to find out how becoming an Adult Volunteer can make a big difference to the lives of young people... and to you.

Watch this video of cadets in action – it will give you a great overview of the kinds of exciting activities you could be helping out with.
Cadet Force Adult Volunteer
Becoming an Adult Volunteer for my local Cadet unit is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve taken part in lots of exciting activities, learnt a lot about myself and best of all, I can see the positive impact on our Cadets as they grow into young men and women.
What is a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer?

Simply put, a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) is someone who helps instruct and advise Sea, Army or Air Cadets at their weekly training sessions. There will also be some weekend activities and an Annual Camp in the summer. Don’t worry about finding time for all of this at this stage, as there is some flexibility in the time commitment required.

You will work with other Adult Volunteers to deliver a programme of activities for young people aged 10 to 20 (depending on the Cadet Force). These could include fieldcraft, all kinds of sports, shooting, canoeing, helping out in the community, first aid, music, organising a charity bike ride...and much, much more.

At the heart of all the Cadet groups is adventure, challenge and most of all, fun!

There are different roles you can take – it’s not all about physical activities. Wherever you want to get involved, whatever your strengths are, there is a place for you as an Adult Volunteer. Full training is provided – you will probably discover talents you didn’t know you had.

Watch the video to hear from some Adult Volunteers about the work they do.
Which Cadet Force can I join?

There are five Cadet Forces – Sea, Royal Naval and Royal Marines, Army, Air and Combined.

Each has its own distinct flavour and programme of activities, but there are aspects common to all: Fun, Adventure, Citizenship, Challenge.

sea cadets

Go on, get out on the water with us! You’ll experience the most exhilarating, and unique, challenges. Whether it’s hoisting the sail of a yacht, navigating waves in a powered craft, or racing down a river in a kayak – nothing compares to the feeling of being out on the water, right there in the elements. We have our own Fleet of: 2 yachts, 2 power vessels; Training Ship (TS) Jack Petchey, TS John Jerwood, and our flagship TS Royalist, a 29 metre brig built in 2014. As an instructor, you could be helping cadets kayaking, power boating, canoeing, rowing, windsurfing or diving – plus most of our courses are accredited by the leading UK bodies like RYA, British Canoe Union and the British Sub Aqua Club.

Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing – supported by 9,000 volunteers. The Sea Cadets also incorporate the Royal Marines Cadets. The focus of the Sea Cadets is the theme of nautical adventure, based on the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy.

To find out more about the Sea Cadets, visit

volunteer cadet corps logo

The Volunteer Cadet Corps is a flourishing youth organisation based in Fareham and Portsmouth, fully sponsored and supported by the Royal Navy. Cadets enjoy training and competitions in military skills and sports, including the hugely popular Cadet Field Gun events, while developing an awareness of community and service.

Army Cadet Force logo

If you want to aim higher, feel more confident and help young people get a head start, join the Army Cadets as an Adult Volunteer. For action and adventure, fun and friendship, the Army Cadet Force is hard to beat. With 41,000 cadets and 9,500 adults in over 1,600 locations in every corner of the United Kingdom, the ACF is one of the country’s largest voluntary youth organisations. It is also one of the oldest tracing its history back to 1859.

Some of our activities have a military theme, some have more of a community focus and some are all about adventure. They all inspire young people to challenge their limits, become more independent, confident and able to step up to any challenge. These activities include fieldcraft, shooting, expeditions, music, sport and much more. Our adult volunteers help young people achieve things they never thought possible, whilst developing their own potential. If you’re up for a challenge, you’ll go further with the Army Cadet Force.

To find out more about the Army Cadets, visit

Air cadets

If you’re a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you’re in the right place. Every year nearly 60,000 air cadets and  volunteer staff from over 1,000 Cadet Squadrons take part in exciting events all over the country.

As well as activities like camping, climbing, first aid, canoeing and more, the core of what we do is of course based on aviation. Gliding, air experience fights and learning navigation skills are what most Air Cadets join for and we make sure they can experience the thrill of flying in a controlled and instructed environment. Learning about the history of the RAF and aviation are also key part of our cadet experience. This is what it’s all about – activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure.

To find out more about the Air Cadets, visit

Combined Cadet Force

There are also cadet units based in schools, called the Combined Cadet Forces or CCF.

If you are interested in becoming an Adult Volunteer at a school unit, please go direct to the CCF website for further information:

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Where can I make a difference?

There are over 600 units in the South East and Greater London area.

Use this map to discover what’s near you. You may want to look for a unit near your home, or perhaps a unit on your commute from work. Please zoom in to see all units near you. 

cfav key

Please note, map pin locations are approximate. 

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What next?

We hope that you will take the next steps to becoming a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. Fill out the form to receive a pack via email with more information about each of the Cadet Forces plus directions about how to start the application process, including contact details. It also contains a print-at-home poster so you can help spread the word as well.

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